[messages] [Module Design] Issues with map size - lag/heap problems

a7xfanben a7xfanben at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 15:43:47 CEST 2016

Along with another VASSAL user, I am planning a "World" game variant of
Pirates of the Spanish Main.  As the name implies, this variant will
have a GIANT map of the entire world as the ocean.

I am simply wondering what the best solution might be for creating the
map.  I would estimate that our ocean needs to be at least 120000 pixels
across and 60000 pixels high.  I've tried editing a few pictures of the
world into the module, but the file size is too large (I tried scaling
one of them in GIMP to 140000x70000 and it crashed), while the picture
itself is too small.  That option is likely out.

I have thought about making my own artwork for the continents, because
we are trying to have a disproportionately large ocean to accommodate
the naval warfare.  However, this may create issues with both the size
of the images and the size of the edited module itself.  We need a map
that is gigantic enough for our project, but also detailed at a
zoomed-in level (we're planning on having faint location names on each

The final option is to simply use the island pieces already in the
module to create the landmasses, dragging each island into the ocean one
by one.  This would be extremely time-consuming and likely wouldn't look
as good as creating custom artwork for the continents.  However, it may
be the only option to minimize lag (though that many islands instead of
one big picture would seem to create more lag) and to keep the module
size reasonable.  I'm not completely sure though.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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