[messages] [Module Design] Issues with map size - lag/heap problems

a7xfanben a7xfanben at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 00:08:27 CEST 2016

Thank you both very much for your responses!

I tried adjusting the heap above 512/1024 (to 1024/1536), and it
exceeded the maximum heap.  I suppose it doesn't help that I'm doing
this project on a <$300 laptop.   :)   _(Though it's my only option
right now)_

It really will be a gigantic map when we figure it out... I tried simply
uploading a huge picture of the world (24000x12000) unedited to the
module in both JPEG and PNG form, and neither worked.  Today, I've
managed to import that picture into Inkscape, where I saved it as an
SVG, and I see that SVG's are optimal for modules.  I was also pleased
to see that saving it in the new format dramatically decreased the file
size!  (from about 20,000KB JPEG/~300,000KB PNG to a 234KB SVG) 
HOWEVER, when I tried uploading this very manageable file size and then
created the map with it, it doesn't work.  A blank cloud shows up (there
is shading on all the maps, and turning it off just made it worse) - the
"picture" (basically white space) looks to be about the right size, but
there's nothing there.

I thought about the possibility of the sheer pixel size being too large.
 However, I don't think this is the problem, because I actually
experimented by making a plain (non-picture) ocean that was various
dimensions.  I got it as large as 140000x75000, and there were no
problems.  _(We'd likely experience lag with that ocean at some point,
but we're expecting to regardless.)_

Am I doing something wrong with the SVG?  Is there something I need to
do in-between saving it as an SVG and uploading it to the module?  I
will admit that I'm a newbie in terms of editing modules; any help would
be greatly appreciated!

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