[messages] [Module Design] Issues with map size - lag/heap problems

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sat Jun 25 20:24:43 CEST 2016

Thus spake a7xfanben:
> It really will be a gigantic map when we figure it out... I tried simply
> uploading a huge picture of the world (24000x12000) unedited to the
> module in both JPEG and PNG form, and neither worked.  Today, I've
> managed to import that picture into Inkscape, where I saved it as an
> SVG, and I see that SVG's are optimal for modules.  I was also pleased
> to see that saving it in the new format dramatically decreased the file
> size!  (from about 20,000KB JPEG/~300,000KB PNG to a 234KB SVG) 
> HOWEVER, when I tried uploading this very manageable file size and then
> created the map with it, it doesn't work.  A blank cloud shows up (there
> is shading on all the maps, and turning it off just made it worse) - the
> "picture" (basically white space) looks to be about the right size, but
> there's nothing there.

File size is irrelevant to the amount of memory needed to _display_
the image in the file. A 24000x12000 image of any type---SVG, PNG,
JPEG---becomes over 1GB of pixel data.

You MUST slice this image into multiple smaller pieces if you want
this to work.


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