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starfish krhogan at gmail.com
Thu May 19 14:43:49 CEST 2016

I have a really weird problem with Burgle Bros. (I created the module)
that I can't figure out.  The game has tiles that you can select with
SHIFT-CLICK.  once selected, any player should be able to activate one
of two functions - Move into tile (CTRL Y) or Peek into Tile (CTRL T).
Both do essentially the same thing - unmask the tile and report the
action.  Since this is a coop game, I did not intentionally try to
prevent anyone from doing anything.  Everything works great when  I test
solo.  When I join an Internet game, one player or the other (it is not
the same each time) becomes the "master" and can activate tiles, and the
other player cannot.  I had a feature I put in for testing that provided
activation of the trait "RETURN TO DECK".  I have noticed that the
player that is not the master does not have this trait show up when they
shift-click the tile.   

Any ideas how to track this down?  Is there a variable I can expose (and
possibly change) that says who can flip a tile?   If I can see "who has
control" and provide a control to change this to the next player, fine. 
But right now it sort of guessing game as to who can flip a tile.

Thanks for any feedback!

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