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#4 and #1 are linked for you.

The LOS thread is exactly that: you click the button and click two
points on the map. The feature can be set to snap to the exact center of
the grid or from any point you select.  The report in the text buffer
can be set to list every hex the line travels through, or to say you
checked LOS between Hex XXXX and Hex YYYY. And, you can set it to report
the range (I especially like that one).  Of course, it does NOT make a
LOS "decision for you, but it can be quite a useful visual aid for you
to use to apply the game's rules.

In the case of wanting to show, "My archers here want to shoot at this
unit there", you can use the LOS to do that, as well. It would probably
still do to type it into the text buffer, since it might not be clear if
you're looking at your options or committing to a shot.

Be aware that the LOS tool can be set so that it is NOT visible to the
enemy player, I suppose for games with hidden movement, or to keep from
telegraphing your intentions.  But like most VASSAL functions, it is
flexible and powerful and can be used with great effect in most games.

Report Action, I've only dabbled with, but it seems to be very powerful
too. If you assign some function or process to a key, that can be tied
to trigger a Report Action in the text buffer to alert everyone to "that
something happening". I suggest you play with it a bit in the Editor. I
recall a module I wrote recently where one-step units which suffered a
loss needed to be sent to a type-specific display for casualties (which
would later figure for VP determination). Because a player could simply
drag a unit off the map and to this display without another player
seeing it, I felt it necessary to create a command to remove the
one-step units (Unit Eliminated) rather than require the players to open
the "graveyard display" and drag units into it. The Report was written
to say which unit was moved and to which Dead Pool. It was a nice little

You *could* also tie similar Reports to alert players to possible shy
shenanigans, like illegal condition changes and the like. It could save
you needing to go back to earlier .log files to determine what may have
happened when... :)

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