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shilinski stan at hilinski.net
Tue May 31 03:38:43 CEST 2016

It sounds like you don't understand how masking works. If you mask a
piece, then Vassal says you control it. For example, if you draw a card
face-down or flip a card face-down, you now own that card. Vassal
registers it to you by stamping it internally with your Vassal password.
As owner (and depending how the module designer set it up), your card on
the Vassal table in front of you may appear face-up, but it appears
face-down to your opponents. Only you can turn it face-up. You can peek
at it; they can't. If it's face-down, then only you can see its traits
that are arranged above it in the trait list (like the send-to-deck
command, which you mentioned). Masking is a great feature in block games
and card games. Bad for you is you can't disable this behavior. But
there are 2 things I can think of that let's you maybe get around it.

First, if you really don't need masking's ownership features, you may be
able to model it using the Layer trait. Note that there are two Layer
features in Vassal. The one you want is the piece trait and not the one
you see in Maps. (Although it's important too, and you should know what
it does.)

The second thing you can do is "allow opponents to unmask my pieces."
This won't fix all your problems, but it could help. This lets other
player flip face-up your face-down pieces. It's a very helpful feature
when pbem. Open your module and do File / Preferences / General. It's a
checkbox there. There is no way I know of to turn it on automatically.
Each player must do it manually in every module where they need it. It's
off by default. (In one of your statements, it sounds like one of your
players had it enabled.)

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