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bdgza bdegroot at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 22:36:43 CEST 2016

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I had the same problem, and it's related to the version of Java loaded.
Java 8 (and probably 7 too) works fine, but 6 gives these graphical
glitches. You should check the Error Log in VASSAL > Help Menu > Show
Error Log.

2016-09-09 22:29:38,217 [0-main] INFO  VASSAL.launch.StartUp - OS Mac OS
X 10.12
2016-09-09 22:29:38,218 [0-main] INFO  VASSAL.launch.StartUp - Java
version 1.8.0_101
2016-09-09 22:29:38,218 [0-main] INFO  VASSAL.launch.StartUp - VASSAL
version 3.2.16

This shows it's loading Java version 1.8 (8), so that is ok. If it says
1.6 then it's loading the old one, which causes these graphical

On the computer where it doesn't work it has a java on one of these


Probably something left over from some old installation on an older OS

On the computer where it works it does not have java on those paths, and
instead uses the:

JAVA="$(which java)"

Which finds java on /usr/bin/java, and works just fine.

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