[messages] [Module Design] Key shortcuts not displaying for some counters

dougb douglasbrunton at rogers.com
Sun Sep 11 21:04:18 CEST 2016

Seems like if I make a small change to try and fix something the global
key command stops working.  I've got the prototype SovCorps where the
delete trait is located and that's where ctrl d doesn't show up.  If I
add delete to the actual counters both delete commands will show up but
only the one applied to the palette unit will have CTRL D beside it. 
But if I take the delete out of the prototype, where unit=SCorps is set
as the identifier on which the global key command operates, the global
key command will no longer operate.

I know it must be something I'm doing wrong but for the life of me I
just cannot identify what that might be.

Frustrating as the mod works but I would like to tidy it up.


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