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Dulgin iberkenkamp-darnedde at arcor.de
Mon Sep 12 08:35:46 CEST 2016

"Brent Easton" wrote:
> Hmmm, on close examination of the source code, it appears that the =~
> has not actually been implemented. This comes as a bit of a surprise
> to me as I wrote that part of Vassal. Mea culpa. Amazing that no one
> else has picked it up before. I will submit a fix for this shortly,
> but in the meantime you will need to use your extended syntax.
> Not that you do not need to use the GetProperty function if you are
> not dynamically generating the property name. Just use the property
> name, no quotes, so the following would work:
> Token 1_Level==1||Token 1_Level==3||Token 1_Level==5||Token
> 1_Level==7||Token 1_Level==9

Hi Brent, 
I know this bug but in the past I could realized all my modules with the
old syntax.
But, a fix is very good.  :D

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