[messages] [Module Design] Key shortcuts not displaying for some counters

fcolmenarez fcolmenarez at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 21:47:48 CEST 2016

Found it: The clue was in the XML representation of the hotkey:

63,180 is the internal representation for <CTRL> plus D key.

63743,0 is the custom command name interpretation (This is useful to
name commands you DON'T want people to accidentally toggle and instead
want avaialble for say... Triggers).

I found in Doubg's XML file that his shortcut definition was:

63743,0,CTRL D

Or "CTRL D" as a string as opposed to the actual <CTRL> plus D key. Doug
I recommend you go over your entire module and replace those expressions
with 68,130. You're also doing it for CTRL F in your other global
command. I also found similar things for SHIFT L (Change Label), CTRL V
(RGVK command) and others.

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