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1) I'm not really familiar with Player Hand windows, but I know they
have a "visible to all players" button in pref, so I would assume that
would need to be checked, the cards masked for each player, then a gkc
button added to the main toolbar to toggle masking.  If the matching
properties for that main toolbar gkc button is:
PlayerSide=$PlayerSide$&&CurrentBoard=~P1|P2|P3|P4 [or whatever your
player board names are], then it should toggle between masking and
unmasking on a player board only those cards that are owned by the
player triggering the button.  Alternately, you can name the boards the
same name as the player sides and use: CurrentBoard=$PlayerSide$.  Also
alternately, you can keep the player hand windows not visible to others
and have the gkc button send the entire hand to the main map, perhaps
having a placard materialize underneath them to illustrate they're just
being momentarily revealed, then have the same button return the cards
to the player hand.  I'd have to detail that one later, but it'd
probably need the player boards to be named the same as the player
sides, as cards may not be masked if the windows aren't visible to all,
then it'd use send to location traits, with the main toolbar gkc being
sent to the player board as well as to the particular area of the main
board the cards would be sent to (perhaps a zone - so if the cards are
on the board they move to main map, and then vice versa all with the one

Edit... just realized the masking again part of the first example above
probably wouldn't work with the same button as the cards would no longer
be owned by that player... not sure... anyway, best method is probably
naming the player boards the same name as the player sides and using
just: CurrentBoard=$PlayerSide$.  Might be some more mistakes... but I
can follow-up.

2) Visible to all: Id' use a basic map window.  Maps (and Player Hand
windows, etc) have their own toolbar buttons, but you have to first
select "include toolbar button to show/hide", then save the module, then
reload it in the editor, and then you'll see added info now allowing you
to name the button text of that map/player hand, hotkey to open/close,

Hope that sort of answered your questions.

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