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FishyMcLips gakovacs at outlook.com
Mon Apr 17 15:31:29 CEST 2017

"drchilds" wrote:
> There's some very good news coming soon for Windows 10 users at least.
>  For the upcoming "Creators Update" a new compatibility mode option
> has been added that works beautifully with Swing-based Java apps. If
> you're part of the Windows Insider program, you can get this now. If
> not, you can get the update around Feb 6, 2017, give or take a few
> days based on rollout logistics. The feature is available for build
> 15002 and later.
> To use the setting for VASSAL:
> 1. Right click on the VASSAL icon, then click More -> Open File
> Location, which opens a file explorer window containing the actual
> VASSAL shortcut.  
> 2. Right click on the shortcut, then click Properties from the context
> menu. 
> 3. In the properties window click the Compatibility tab.
> 4. Check the box for "Override high DPI scaling behavior"
> 5. In the Scaling performed by drop down list, select "System."
> 6. Save the settings and launch VASSAL.
> 7. Enjoy the nice legible app we all know and love. 
> Cheers!
> Dave

Perfect fix. Thanks Dave.

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