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quiksilver3865 c.king812 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 21:24:13 CEST 2017

This issue that I run into with the global properties suggestion is that
the number of player sides is greater than the number of players. The
maximum number of players is 4, but not all four have to play. For
example, I might have Red, Green, Blue, Black, Orange and Purple sides,
but in a two player game only Red and Purple might be playing, or Red
Green Blue and Black are playing, which means Orange and Purple sides
are not in use.

Currently my card selection prototype has a dynamic property called
cardselect, which changes among Primary, Secondary, and blank based on
player input. This is shown to the player as a text label on the card.
My line of thinking is to have a variable called cardstatus that will be
$PlayerSide$_$cardselect$, then each card would have (for example)
Red_Primary, Red_Secondary, or blank as the "card status".

Is there a way to check the current players sides in the game? These
cardstatus values would be used to move the cards, but they depend on
the player side. 

The real reason for the question is for my "ready" button idea (trying
to think ahead). If only Red and Purple are playing, Red selects his
primary and secondary cards, and clicks his "ready" button, something in
the button would need to scan the player sides. The Send to Location
actions (the reveal) would only happen once Red AND Purple are "ready".

I am trying to build from the ground up but you have to be somewhat
forward-thinking with the variable creation. Getting sort of bogged down
by not knowing how to structure things, like a need a property within a
prototype that relates to a global property, etc. It's getting a little

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