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Tue Apr 18 23:23:32 CEST 2017

How about this... a gkc is sent to any card marked primary that has a
value of 0 (or whatever's lowest).  That card is sent to "location 1" +
x (x is a numerical global that's currently 0 -- you'd use adv options
in Send to Location trait: additional x offset = 100 (or whatever) times
$yournumericalXglobal$).  Then a gkc is sent to any card marked primary
that has a value of 1... same thing: to location 1 + x.  Then a gkc is
sent to any card marked primary that has a value of 2... same thing: to
location 1 +x.  Now in the cards' prototype, if a card is sent via this
command then it first incrementally adds 1 to your x global... so the
third card sent would go to "location 1" + 100 pixels to the right times
2. The twelve or so gkc's can be housed (in the appropriate order) in a
single multi-action button to be pressed when everyone's ready.  The
cards' set global trait (increments 1) and send to location trait
(location 1 + x) can both have the same gkc that is sent to them (I
think this might answer your last question).  Try it first with the send
to location trait below in trait order (your original "location 1"
location might need to be -100 pixels to the left, depending on how the
extras added).

The sent gkc can be written key command too.  Not sure if that's worded
correctly by me, as it's all still new to me really, but what I mean is
instead of "CTRL C" being to sent to the cards, it can be
"RunPrimaryCards" instead... and the RunPrimaryCards can trigger both
the set global trait to raise the x value by 1, and the send to location
trait too.  Hope I understood your question okay.

This may have problems I'm not seeing at the moment... it's just off the
top of my head... and might need work if two players can have the same
value card.  There's a chance though if 2 cards were the same value it'd
add the additional x value to the second of 'em anyway, but depends on
how it's run.  I can't imagine it working perfectly if 3 or 4 players
all had the same card value, but maybe.  Anyway, try it if you think it
might work for you.

There's newer more advance property expressions now, not detailed in the
designer's guide.  Not sure if they're in the online wiki, but under the
Calculated Property trait, click Help then Expression Builder.

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