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quiksilver3865 c.king812 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 20 15:46:58 CEST 2017

Right now I'm wading in from the stairs rather than jumping into the
deep end haha. I have successfully adapted the example from the guide to
draw a hand from the discard pile. As in the example, I have an
irregular grid with a property that is incremented for each card drawn.
The cards are drawn into their respective locations every time. I also
added a trigger action that resets the property when the discard pile is
empty. It works beautifully and I'm rather proud of myself  :D 

Now that I have gotten that set up, I'm going to attempt to combine
those ideas with your suggestions, to get the "reveal" portion set up. I
may keep my "ready" button idea, but only use it for the report. Once
all players are ready, anyone can click the main toolbar button to
reveal the cards on the main board.

It is entirely possible that two (or more) players could have the same
value, though somewhat unlikely. That thought had not crossed my mind
until now. 


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