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rrvs spideratj at aol.com
Sun Apr 23 15:38:19 CEST 2017

Hm, I don't understand the Send to Location change (from
$PrimaryLocation$ to "Current Zone").  I'd think the latter would not
send any cards anywhere, but you're reporting they are moving.

I think one problem is that the trigger action and its ValueCheck
looping is happening with each Primary card... it should just happen
once.  My suggestion is to make new copy (new version #) of your module
to work on from here (so you have the current one to quickly fall back
on if necessary), then try the following...


Add ValueCheck back as a global property (numeric 0-99). Right-click on
it when done and add a change button to it (no button text, hotkey:
runVC, increment by 1)

Clear the button text of your main toolbar gkc button that sends CTRL P
(so like the previous, the button itself  should not be visible in the
main toolbar window) and then add a hotkey: runCP

Add an action button to main toolbar, button text: (the former text of
the above gkc button that you cleared), send hotkeys: runVC and runCP,
loop fixed: 99 times

Delete your old trigger action from the cards' prototype.  Add a new
trigger action with matching properties:
Value=$ValueCheck$&&cardselect=Primary.  I prefer the old expressions
but new should be: {Value==ValueCheck&&cardselect=="Primary"}.  Probably
best to stick with the new ones, but...  :D.  No commands, watches: CTRL
P, performs: sendcard1 and sendcard2, in that order.

delete the "Value Check" gkc in the prototype.

In the Set Global Property (PrimaryLocation), change SHIFT I to

In Send to Location, change SHIFT I to sendcard2, region on selected map
- main board, region name: $PrimaryLocation$

I won't worry about re-setting those values right now... I probably
missed something anyway... but try the above and see what happens.  If
it doesn't work, try adding test Report Actions in the prototype to see
what is triggering... like a Report Action that reports on CTRL P and
prints: ValueCheck=$ValueCheck$, PrimaryLocation=$PrimaryLocation$, etc.

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