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rrvs spideratj at aol.com
Sun Apr 23 23:07:33 CEST 2017

Sorry it's not working, but just have to keep at it.  You're right that
I'd duplicated the {cardselect=="Primary"}, but shouldn't matter. 
Actually, since I agree on the trigger action, I'd remove it from there
right now, and then make sure the runCP CTRL P gkc is being sent to the
correct four cards.

If so, then add 2 report actions set to trigger with sendcard1 and
sendcard2 respectively and make sure those are firing.  If those are
firing then there's no reason the Set Global Property isn't firing.  If
those _aren't_ firing, double check the trigger action for any typos. 
If that checks out, then remove the matching property completely from
the trigger action, and make sure it fires then.  Once it fires with no
matching property, put the matching property back in
{Value==ValueCheck}.  If it doesn't fire with that back in, then double
check both of those properties or rewrite it (Value=$ValueCheck$)...
maybe I have the new coding worded wrong.

Good luck!

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