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quiksilver3865 c.king812 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 25 16:29:21 CEST 2017

Thank you so much for taking the time to make that. The solution (as
usual) was quite simple. I changed the key command on the gkc to CTRL P.
The hotkey from the button now activates the gkc with CTRL P key
command. I tied CTRL P to the trigger action. I copy and pasted your
property syntax into the gkc to make sure I didn't mis-type anything,
and took the "matching property" text out of the trigger action. I kept
the "sendcard1" and "sendcard2" hotkeys as well. 

Essentially all I did was add CTRL P to the gkc and trigger, along with
changing some text. It works well now! I also added the "key command to
apply to all units ending movement on this map" so that the label clears
when the cards are sent. Thanks again for all your help. I am now going
to test it over and over with different values, multiple sides, etc. to
make sure I can't break it haha. 

I have one last, hopefully simple, question regarding pieces and
probably layers. As I mentioned before, some cards will remain "active",
and have counters to mark how many times they have been used or how many
turns they are in play. I currently have Markers called Card and Token.
They are set in Game Piece Layers with Card above Token. I want the
players to be able to drag the tokens and place them anywhere on the
card face. Right now the token locks on top of the card in specific
location. It is either in that specific location on the card face or off
the card. Is there an easy way to remedy this so the Token
movement/placement is unrestricted?

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