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rrvs spideratj at aol.com
Wed Apr 26 15:19:47 CEST 2017

If the markers aren't limited, you can place them in a hidden Game Piece
Palette and have them drawn directly to the relevant card via
right-click Place Marker trait.  Either way, the markers themselves
would have a Does Not Stack trait, with the ignore map grid box checked.
 That and the higher map layer you mentioned will keep them moving
freely above the cards.

If both card and marker are moving around though, then having the
individual marker instead be a Layer trait on the card generally works
better.  Players wouldn't be able to move them then of course, but if
the ideal placement above the card depends on the type of card, you
could always make different types of Layer traits (with different
placements) depending on those card types.

I'll need to go over the second post again a bit later, sorry.  I know
you definitely don't want the $$ with the new code, but w/o (which you
tried) looks okay to me.  Anyway, it might be easier for me to go
through it with test mod, so I'll report back (and others are welcome to
weigh in too, of course, if anything jumps out).  Oh, btw, this probably
isn't the problem, but when using commands like CTRL P, be sure not to
type them out or copy and paste 'em if that's even possible (it'd of
course be ctrl button P only).

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