[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Java Heap Size Error Message and Can't save log files

Edrains edrains at aol.com
Wed Apr 26 18:20:36 CEST 2017

Hello, I am having the following fatal error, which I have not been able
to fix.  I am using Vassal 3.2.16, Battle for Normandy module 3_16,
running Windows 7 on a Dell PC.  This problem started suddenly a couple
of months ago, and the same computer and versions of all the same
programs all worked normally before. I have reloaded both Java and
Vassal several times, reverted to an older version of Java, changed many
memory settings in many places for both Java and the game module, all to
no avail.  To be specific, here is what happens:
Vassal starts and opens normally, no error message.
Then I try to open the Battle for Normandy module, and this error
message always appears:
“Maximum Heap Size Too Large:  The maximum heap size stored in your
Preferences for this module is too large. In particular, the maximum
heap size must be less than the amount of physical RAM in your machine.
The failsafe initial heap size of 128MB will be used instead. Please
decrease the maximum heap size in your Preferences, and restart
Note that this error message is NOT true.  My computer has 8 GB of
memory.  It is a PC, running Windows 7.  I have also adjusted
(increased) all of the default memory settings within both Java and
When I click on OK within the error message box, the module then loads
and seems to run normally.  But when I try to end a log file or quit,
another error message says “Out of Memory:  VASSAL has run out of
memory. This module requires more memory than the maximum heap size you
have set for it. Please increase the maximum heap size in your
Preferences, and restart VASSAL.”  And then I have to use the Task
Manager to force the module to quit.  It won't quit on its own, and no
log file or saved game file is ever saved.
Also note that these two error messages are incompatible, and contradict
each other. 
This is clearly a problem between Java and the Battle for Normandy
module, and not anything having to do with a log file, since the first
error message appears right after selecting the module, long before any
saved game file or log file is selected or loaded.
I have performed clean installations of both Java and the Battle for
Normandy module, wich has not made any difference.  I have tried many
different combinations of memory settings in the preferences for the
module, and the default memory settings within Java.  Nothing makes any
difference.  The same error messages always come up.
This did not used to happen, and it does not happen on my opponent’s
PC, or on my Mac.
I have done everything I can think of that is practical for me - I am
not a programmer, and do not have a code editor or compiler on my
machine.  I can adjust memory settings and change things within existing
dialog boxes, but can't write scripts or code.
Any ideas or suggestions you can make will be most welcome. 

Ed Rains

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