[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Java Heap Size Error Message and Can't save log files

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Thu Apr 27 00:30:19 CEST 2017

Thus spake Edrains via messages:
> Hello, I am having the following fatal error, which I have not been able
> to fix.  I am using Vassal 3.2.16, Battle for Normandy module 3_16,
> running Windows 7 on a Dell PC.  This problem started suddenly a couple
> of months ago, and the same computer and versions of all the same
> programs all worked normally before. I have reloaded both Java and
> Vassal several times, reverted to an older version of Java, changed many
> memory settings in many places for both Java and the game module, all to
> no avail.  To be specific, here is what happens:
> Vassal starts and opens normally, no error message.
> Then I try to open the Battle for Normandy module, and this error
> message always appears:
> “Maximum Heap Size Too Large:  The maximum heap size stored in your
> Preferences for this module is too large. In particular, the maximum
> heap size must be less than the amount of physical RAM in your machine.
> The failsafe initial heap size of 128MB will be used instead. Please
> decrease the maximum heap size in your Preferences, and restart
> Note that this error message is NOT true.  My computer has 8 GB of
> memory.  It is a PC, running Windows 7.  I have also adjusted
> (increased) all of the default memory settings within both Java and
> Windows.

Check the contents of the preferences file for the module in question.
On Windows, you'll find that under %APPDATA%\VASSAL\prefs. There
should be a line with "maximumHeap=" on it. Post that line here.

> When I click on OK within the error message box, the module then loads
> and seems to run normally.  But when I try to end a log file or quit,
> another error message says “Out of Memory:  VASSAL has run out of
> memory. This module requires more memory than the maximum heap size you
> have set for it. Please increase the maximum heap size in your
> Preferences, and restart VASSAL.”  And then I have to use the Task
> Manager to force the module to quit.  It won't quit on its own, and no
> log file or saved game file is ever saved.
> Also note that these two error messages are incompatible, and contradict
> each other. 

They don't. You're getting the second error message because the module
was actually loaded with a max heap of 128MB, as suggested by the first
error message.


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