[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Java Heap Size Error Message and Can't save log files

Edrains edrains at aol.com
Fri Apr 28 15:26:51 CEST 2017

Here's what I did:

Uninstalled Vassal off the hard drive, deleted the old prefs file from
C:\Documents and Settings\grains\AppData\Roaming\VASSAL\prefs (which the
uninstaller did not remove)

Ran vassal from the thumb drive, verifying that the prefs were set to
min heap 512, max heap 1024

Loaded BfN module, got the same old java error message 128 MB blah blah

checked prefs file in C:\Documents and

and it says:  #Fri Apr 28 08:11:35 CDT 2017

I deleted that file, quit Vassal, and restarted Vassal.  Verified that
the prefs from the Vassal pulldown menu still says initial 512, Max
1024. Then loaded BfN module, same old Java memory error message comes
up.  The new prefs file at above location still reads initial 256, max
512 (as above).  How can I get a new prefs file into the App Data folder
that shows initial 512, Max 1024?

I know we're getting close here, since you got it to work for me
yesterday.  Now all I need to do is get it to run off the thumb drive.

Thank you in advance for all your help with this!!

Ed Rains

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