[messages] [Module General Discussion] Looking for Vassal Guru/maker??

jtom51 jtthompson46 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 04:31:16 CET 2017

Greetings Gamers:)

I'm looking for someone that can do simple add-ons to current modules.
Look, I tried and tried for months now to add such things as a simple
deck of cards or chits to a game and I can't get it. So, is there anyone
intrested in doing it for me?? I know there are folks here who are wiz
at this lol!  So if you want to help a brother gamer gimmy a email.
There won't be anything heavy, like i said add a window in the toolbar
kinda thing. I will provide all the scans of pieces ect.  

Thanks for any help:)


Contact: jtthompson46 at gmail.com[1]

[1] mailto:jtthompson46 at gmail.com

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