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PunTheHun vassal at flyhi.de
Fri Feb 10 13:50:23 CET 2017

Me again, problems with some complex card/deck actions this time. The
game is Advanced Civ (TAHGC, 1991), I am talking about the trade cards
__Desired behaviour__: Cards can be drawn from one of 9 stacks to
player's hands (or anywhere) and discarded from there (or wherever they
may be) to a decicated discard deck (i. e. 1 discard deck per draw
deck). It is the responsibility of a side called "Setup" to shuffle the
9 draw decks before game start, and nobody else should be allowed to
shuffle them while the game runs. The discard deck should reshuffle
itself when sent back to the draw deck (return to deck action); it
should go _under_ the draw deck, but _not_ shuffle itself into it. It
would also be nice to restrict the "return to deck" to a specific side
(e. g. the Setup side mentioned before).

__More__: Some of the cards (calamities) do not only have a mask trait
(CTRL-F, card back/front) but also a layer trait (CTRL-D, to show
details about the card content when desired by the current owner). The
layer trait should be reset to 0 (deactivate) on discard, otherwise it
turns out that the card is showing the layer 1 (i. e. its open
information in detail) when placed face-_down_ on the deck.

There are some things that I do not know how to do:

  *  How to force a shuffle of the discard deck immediately before
returning to the deck?
  *  How to put the discard _under_ the original stack?
  *  How to re-set the layer trait on discard or (better) on return to
  *  How to restrict the shuffle and return to deck commands to one side
or user?

I have pretty much bogged down while trying to get all this going,and I
did not succeed. Can someone please point me in the right direction? For
what its worth I have put the module to
http://flyhi.de/transfer/AdvancedCivili ... 1-dev.vmod[1]

…and yes, I know, some of the things may fall under the "don't
automate too much" warning, but not all of them.

[1] http://flyhi.de/transfer/AdvancedCivilization_v01-dev.vmod

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