[messages] [Module Design] Complex deck actions

PunTheHun vassal at flyhi.de
Fri Feb 10 15:41:20 CET 2017

Actually I think I can streamline this if the users play all their cards
to a "green table" (map zone); they _always_ play them open, there are
no discards from the hand. From there, a "Master" side (janitor)
discards the cards played to the "private" and shuffling discard decks;
since each card knows where to discard itself they will sort themselves
into the right discard decks. Then the affected draw decks go to the
temp storage, the discards to the draw decks, and finally the temp cards
on to of the draw decks.
Draw decks are non-shuffling, discard decks are "always" shuffling, and
it does not matter if the temp decks shuffle.

That's what I will try.

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