[messages] [Module Design] Complex deck actions

rrvs spideratj at aol.com
Fri Feb 10 16:44:30 CET 2017

Re-set layer can use a 'ends movement' key command for that map (last
property)... with trigger action trait to switch layers when
appropriate. For example if matching properties is current location
being the discard deck, then it would fire the key command for level 0. 
Or instead (or also) have the trigger action tied to the same key
command as your discard or return to deck key.

The map 'ends movement' key might be another way to send the discards to
bottom of its draw deck.  Use a trigger action tied to the map's key
triggering the DOWN ARROW key, with matching properties: old location is
the discard deck and current location is the main deck.  I think that
might work, but maybe not.  They may even arrive randomly placed if from
an auto-shuffle discards deck, but again not entirely sure about that

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