[messages] [Module Design] My module is not moving objects on the other player's screen

panther 2010 ares_ubris at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 12 12:06:05 CET 2017

I dont' know if this is the same problem or not, but it looks like very
similar to what happened to me. I'm working on a module and testing it
with an opponent. This module has a second board (Battle Board) that is
used to solve the combats. When I need to solve a combat, open this
board and resolve the combat. The board is public and should be visible
to both player. When I save the move on a logfile and send it to my
opponent, he can see only what is happening on the main board. If he
wants to see what happened on the Battle Board during the combat, he
needs to manually open the board just after loading the logfile. 

Question: there is a way to record in a logfile what happened in a
second public board different from the main board in a manner that my
opponent can see what happened to both the board while browsing the


Panther 2010.


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