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PunTheHun vassal at flyhi.de
Sun Feb 12 17:35:53 CET 2017

Hi, me again. Hope you can still bear with me… each time I think I
understood something, anoher thing seems to go wrong.

I have trouble with a Card whose layer trait behaves oddly.
The intention is to show, optionally, a side with details on the cards
meaning replacing the standard card image (it's a Civ calamity card).
What I did:

  *  Define the card with the layer trait, "always active"
  *  Add 2 levels: 1 without an image (i. e. the user sees the basic
card image), 1 with a different image (showing some detailed info
bla-bla). (Actually I guess I could omit level 1, as its result seems to
be implicit in level 0 – right?)
  *  The Increase Level key is keypad arrow-right
  *  The Reset (to level 0) key is CTRL SHIFT D, which is the same key
as on the "Send to Stack" trait of the card (the level should be set to
0 when the card is discarded).

The card enters the game in a temp deck. The deck ist shuffled and sent
to the draw deck at game start (manually, by an admin). When I draw the
card it behaves exactly as intended.
When I hit the discard key command the card (if selected) goes to its
discard pile. When I draw it again, it shows level 0.
But _from that moment on the card ignores its Layer levels_. The "Show
detail" command still shows but has no function anymore.

What could be wrong? My guess: Something goes wrong because discard and
reset level listen to the same command, though I cannot see from the
docs why that should be. Could it be that the "Reset" de-activates the
Layer even if is set to "always active"? If so, how can I re-activate it
again without using an extra command for that?

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