[messages] [Module General Discussion] Card Layer/Level trouble

PunTheHun vassal at flyhi.de
Mon Feb 13 08:30:12 CET 2017

First, yes, it is the wrong forum, this post should be in "Module
Design". Unfortunately I can neither move nor delete it (the post, I

Second, I found the following: Everything works fine unless I do a
"Reset to Level 0". Doing that completely de-activates the Layer, and
the "Avctivate" command has no effect any more. A "Reset to Level 1"
works fine; it does what I want, even if I use the same keyboard command
to send the card to the discard stack (thus doing 2 actions in one).
Looks to me like one really should not do a "Reset to Level 0" because
it will throw the card into some unexplained comatose state.

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