[messages] [Module Support] Module A3R v2.0.3 problem after Java update

kvn vannugtren at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 13 17:51:47 CET 2017


I have been playing many games of Third Reich with 4th Edition Rules
using this module and no problem.

However, after updating my Java to v8 Update 121 on my Mac , I now have
a problem.

I am un able to drag counters off the Scenario Cards onto the mapboard. 
This is true with a current game in progress, or if I try starting a
brand new game.

I tried clearing the Tile Cache in the VASSAL Menu Tools, it did not
solve the problem.

I updated to the latest VASSAL v3.1.15, it did not solve the problem. 

I deleted the A3R module from the library and put in a new copy (of A3R
v2.0.3), it did not solve the problem.

thank you in advance for suggestion on how to fix this problem, so I can
continue a game in progress.


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