[messages] [Module Support] Module A3R v2.0.3 problem after Java update

kvn vannugtren at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 15 19:06:00 CET 2017


thank you the instructions given (changing Preferences for combined
windows) solved the problem it appears for now.

I am able to continue playing with the A3R Module.

Prior to the solution that was given, I did open another Module (Air
Assault on Crete), and it was exhibiting the same drag and drop problem
off the Organization Card - I was not able to drag counters onto the
mapboard from the Organization Card.

So for me, it appears the problem with Java 8 Update 121 on my Mac was
not confined to one Module.  Has this problem been reported by other

I am curious, will this general problem be addressed in the next version
of the VASSAL Engine, or must each individual Module be upgraded to a
new version to address the Java problem?  


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