[messages] [Module Design] Scope of GP/GKC

PunTheHun vassal at flyhi.de
Thu Feb 16 18:52:33 CET 2017

I try to understand the concept behind GP and GKC and where they are
visible (exposed). Say, I have a GP PlayerCount on module level and a
dependent GP PopulationCount (number of tokens available), also at
module level.  Each has a change-property Toolbar Button; the number of
players is chosen from a list, the PopulationCount is claculated. A
Multi-Action Button on module level calls both Toolbar Buttons. Works
perfectly. The target is to show the player count value on the players'
hands; that works, too.

BUT what I really want is to have that Multi-Action Button in an admin
map window that also does other things connected to the setup. And here
the same Multi-Action Button, when pasted to that window, does nothing.
Where would the problem be? Are the Toolbar Buttons only "visible"
(exposed) on their level (i. e. module)? Or do they look for a GP on the
level on which the command was given (i. e. where the Multi-Action
botton is located)? In that case they would not find anything, as the
properties are one level up.

The manual does not say anything about this, hence my question here.

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