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grouchysmurf lgrabun at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 23:43:15 CET 2017

How would you guys design cubes?

I've been thinking of that recently as I work on a module in which
players are handed a set of 20 cubes they use--primarly--to activate an
area (that's an area-activation wargame, if you ask). Things I'd like to

- impose the cube limit;
- avoid map clutter.

Cubes initially are located in the pool, but they can be placed on the
board and--occiasionally--removed from the play, permanently.

I've come up--theoretically--with a solution in which there are three
GlobProp: # of cubes on the board, # of cubes in the dead pile, # of
cubes in the pool, where all the numbers sum up to the limit. Each cube
would have a layer, levels of which would represent number of cubes in
the area (to avoid the clutter); module would not allow to increase the
layer once # cubes on the board + # cubes in the dead pile == limit. The
cube pool would be abstracted to a text label displaying number of
remaining cubes.

Do you can think of any other viable designs?

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