[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Totaling the Number of Pieces on a Map

PunTheHun vassal at flyhi.de
Mon Feb 20 09:31:33 CET 2017

I have a working solution now, based on a mix of both solutions. I was
able to leave out some of the details by not providing for some cases
that could only come about by user malice and added a "re-calc" button
to the player board to repair such situations. I will write a
description of what I did some time, but not before the rest of the
module is done. Too many things that may change yet… anyway, thanks
for the help, even if I did not use all as described it helped me a lot
to get a grip on the basic mechanics of VASSAL. There is so much in it
that goes straight against my intuitive understanding… mind, I did not
say that my intuition is the yardstick to judge VASSAL (or any other
software) :-).

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