[messages] [Module Design] Deck Behavior Unexpected and Non-Responsive

tlorance tlorance at vanguard.edu
Wed Feb 22 23:55:18 CET 2017

I should begin by saying that this is my first module design, so I am
probably making some basic error somewhere.  However, I have watched and
worked through all of Joel Toppen's fine tutorial videos, and I followed
his tutorial nearly exactly when designing the deck in my module. 
However, no matter what I do, the deck appears face up, not face down,
the cards draw face up (which I suppose is not surprising given the
first observation), and have no right-click commands despite the fact
that the prototype on which they are based contains two.  However, when
I draw a card by dragging it off the deck stack, the log window
correctly identifies it (and it is not the card pictured at the top of
the deck, so the "always shuffle" appears to be working) and the module
can tell to what zone I have dragged it.  I feel like I have copied all
the relevant bits from the tutorial and other functional modules I have
examined, so I am at a loss.  Any help or suggestions would be
appreciated.  The details of my deck setup are included below.

In my card prototype, I have Mask, Marker – Layer = Encounter, Can
Rotate - Rotate Card, and Return to Deck as Traits.  The Mask points to
a valid card back image (which I can see in the Properties editor) and
is controlled by the Mask Command Flip Card Over (CTRL F).  I have even
gone for an additional level of "card-back-ness" by choosing the Use
Image display style and pointing it at the card back image as well.  The
game piece layer is actually working, so I won't go into that, and I
will skip the rotation since I don't know that it isn't working other
than I can't activate it.  The Return to Deck command points to a deck
called Discard Pile (Menu Command: Discard, keystroke CTRL D).
The cards in the deck were loaded using a single Add Multiple Cards
Command, and the images were associated with the Basic Piece trait.  The
deck appears in the correct location and has been explicitly attached to
the only map board.  Contents are Always Face Down and Always Reshuffle.
 The only other command in the Deck Properties editor is Restrict Adding
Counters, set to {Type=="Card"} to prevent board pieces from getting
incorporated into the deck pile (which otherwise happens).

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