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PunTheHun vassal at flyhi.de
Thu Feb 23 10:26:51 CET 2017

Slogging on… this time I stumble over the HTML help. I defined a HTML
Help file for the module. The Contents path is visible in the node
properties panel when I select it; it reverts to "null" the next time I
open the HTML Help File node, but that may be normal as I still find the
expected contents in the module file as a zipped file inside the "help"
folder after I saved the module.
__Problem:__ The menu shows in the module, but does nothing; I get no
error message. The log shows where the problem is (BTW; is there a way
to clear the log short of re-starting VASSAL?): When I choose the Help
menu, VASSAL complains (FileNotFound exception) that it does not find
one of the images on the start page in the path 
The folder in fact exists, but it is completely empty. So, for some
reason VASSAL could create the folder (in fact it used the same folder
thoroughout today's experiments) but did not expand the help content
into it. When I copy the help content into the folder manually,
everything works as expected. This means, as far as I can see, that
VASSAL either does not try to expand the help content into the folder
or, more likely, it tries but fails without creating an error log entry.

Has anyone any idea what could be wrong? What else could I try to
isolate the source of the problem?
Environment: MacOS 10.11.6, VASSAL 3.2.17

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