[messages] [Module Design] Deck Behavior Unexpected and Non-Responsive

tlorance tlorance at vanguard.edu
Thu Feb 23 18:48:27 CET 2017

I checked the prototype specification; it appears that I added it
correctly.  So I created a test deck and then created one card, using a
single card image and the same back as for the actual deck.  This worked
fine, including the Flip command which only appeared after the card had
departed the stack, as it is supposed to.  I then added each component
of the prototype, checking them carefully to ensure they were identical
to the prototype version and testing them one at a time, and each
appears to work perfectly, including the Discard function, which
correctly discarded to the Discard Pile deck I had created.  I became
bold and tested the Discard Pile's Shuffle and Return to Draw Deck
function, and suddenly the errant draw deck which had been face up
appeared face down!  I started drawing cards from it.  Unfortunately,
they were all drawing face up and had no active features until I finally
hit the test card, which still worked perfectly; when I drew it, the
original draw deck now appeared face up.
So I tried the next obvious thing; I added a second test card to the
test deck using the Prototype trait instead of the set of Traits.  This
card failed in exactly the same way as all of the original cards, and
the test deck behaved the same way as the original deck when it had the
one functional card in it.  There is clearly some problem with the
prototype, but I cannot fathom what it might be.  However, it does
indicate a path to repair; I will now attempt to Edit All Contained
Pieces and replace the Prototype with the individual Traits is was
supposed to bundle.  I will report the results.

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