[messages] [Module Design] Deck Behavior Unexpected and Non-Responsive

rrvs spideratj at aol.com
Fri Feb 24 14:18:55 CET 2017

No problem removing that defaulted mask and including it in a prototype.
 The mask trait allows for creative positioning of other traits in its
window, which you can read about in the pinned forum posting at the top
of this board's listings (Trait order in counters), but that shouldn't
be the problem here.

I guess I'd recommend testing just a new prototype now.  Add two new
pieces to the main map using a single at-start stack and whatever images
for them.  Add only your discard trait into one of them; in the other
add only a prototype trait called abc.  Create new prototype abc and add
that same discard trait into it.  Save and try them both out.  If both
work, then I guess use that prototype instead of the other one, and
start moving stuff into it, re-testing it every so often, including
renaming it.

If new prototype abc doesn't work, then I'd try creating a completely
new module with that same basic two piece set-up on a simple map, one
using a prototype, the other just a test trait of some sort, and see if
that fixes it.

Good luck.

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