[messages] [Module Design] Discarding Cards Directly From a Draw Deck to a Discard Pile

tlorance tlorance at vanguard.edu
Sat Feb 25 00:09:05 CET 2017

I have found a dozen posts which _almost_ address this problem, but none
that quite solved it.  I need to send cards from the top of a draw deck
(although since I have Always Shuffle on, the position isn't critical)
to a discard pile.  I have a completely-functional Return to Deck
feature as a Trait of the cards already, but of course it only functions
after they are moved to the map board; I would like to be able to
discard them directly from the draw deck. I tried installing a Deck
Global Key Command, and it did add a right-clickable menu item (which
did correctly report its activity to the log window), but no card
appeared in the discard pile.
To further compound my misery, I realized that every card that I drew
was now the same card (the first card in the deck folder).  This problem
has persisted even though I have deleted the Deck Global Key Command.  I
have no idea how to fix it (as I have no idea how it broke).

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