[messages] [Module Design] Discarding Cards Directly From a Draw Deck to a Discard Pile

rrvs spideratj at aol.com
Sat Feb 25 15:41:16 CET 2017

The first part is probably a trait order issue.  Make sure the Return to
Deck trait is listed after (below) the Mask trait in the same trait
window.  If it's not that, re-check the gkc being sent to the cards

The second part... do you mean the deck stopped auto-shuffling?  There's
nothing in a deck gkc that would alter that (aside from matching
properties).  Did you ever solve your prototype bug?  I can't help but
compare the two.  I guess I'd suggest fixing the deck gkc part above
first, then if the same card keeps being drawn, switch the deck to
right-click shuffle instead, run that a couple times to make sure that
works properly, then try going back to always shuffle.  Good luck.

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