[messages] [Module Design] Discarding Cards Directly From a Draw Deck to a Discard Pile

tlorance tlorance at vanguard.edu
Sat Feb 25 18:26:35 CET 2017

The problem is worse than that. I removed the GKC from the deck (which
was the only change I had made to the deck) and it did not restore
auto-shuffler functionality – I cannot at this time see any reason for
its current behavior.  It is as if my attempt to add a Deck GKC "broke"
something hidden, and because it is hidden I cannot find it to fix it.
I had stopped trying to solve the prototype problem since not using the
prototype worked, but you may be correct about the link.  I currently
suspect that something about the original deck creation event corrupted
the module in an invisible way and what needs to be done is a scratch
rebuild (which hopefully won't be too painful since I presumably now
know what I am doing).  I wish I knew what caused the error or
corruption, though, so I can avoid repeating it.

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