[messages] [Module Design] Discarding Cards Directly From a Draw Deck to a Discard Pile

tlorance tlorance at vanguard.edu
Sun Feb 26 07:22:49 CET 2017

So at this point I would like to sort of merge this issue with my
previous post thread
(http://www.vassalengine.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9720).  I rebuilt
the module from scratch, using the Prototype that was abandoned (per
previous thread) and all of the other commands exactly as before but
leaving GKCs alone.  The rebuilt module works exactly as it did before
my attempt to achieve deck-to-discard functionality broke it; evidently
the Prototype, which seemed to be at fault before, was not the root
cause of the original deck failure.
Interestingly, the new module is less than half the size of the old
module was (despite appearing to have the same number of image files),
even before I attempted to add GKCs to the old module.  It would seem
that there was indeed some sort of file or directory corruption; I have
retained the old module if it becomes of interest to anyone.
I intend to make a test copy of the new module for GKC tinkering; I will
report anything that seems helpful.

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