[messages] [Module Design] Irregular AoE - is it possible at all?

Dago dagorlad111 at o2.pl
Tue Feb 28 23:16:51 CET 2017

Everything i needed to say is in the name of the topic, really. I wanted
to make it possible for a player to see, how far his units can move,
BUT, the game (MY GAME) does not count moving in a straight line in the
same way as it does with moving diagonally (is that a word? i mean in
north-east or south-west etc, not in north or south or west or east).
The first one is counted normally, the latter is counted as 1,5 of a
normal move, so you can go for example with a unit that has speed 3 -
three squares vertically or horizontally, but only 2 diagonally. So
showing maximal distance as a square of squared speed number of squares
is - even tho really 1234356788 times better than lack of it -
misleading, because it sugests that you can go 3 squares diagonally with
a piece, that has speed 3, which is not the case.

Answers like "just turn ur game to hexes" - EVEN THO REALLY HELPFULL AND
THOUGHTFULL AND NAIS - will not be enough of a help, sadly. Is there any
way (maybe using a different tool than AoE trait?) too get THIS:
https://megawrzuta.pl/download/519009c4 ... 7b352.html[1] instead of
THIS: https://megawrzuta.pl/download/bdd2480e ... 90307.html[2] ?

[1] https://megawrzuta.pl/download/519009c4cc7e82ad6e1ddcb41497b352.html
[2] https://megawrzuta.pl/download/bdd2480edba434adc062bbd431690307.html

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