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Thu Jun 1 09:54:48 CEST 2017

"Stiglr" wrote:
> So.... my first question is, can a marker with multiple layers on it,
> have a value or a trigger tied to the Level it's currently
> "displaying"? Or, must I go about that function some other way? If the
> latter, what would be a better way to achieve this?[/qoute]
> Layer can follow a global / dynamic property. Check out the checkbox
> _Levels Follow Property Value_ on a Layer trait.
> "Stiglr" wrote:
> > Where do I write the overall calculation for the __Morale Value__
> > this large collection of hexes will generate?  Basically, the Morale
> > Value is (sum total of the values of hexes one side controls) +
> > (negative sum total of hexes the other side controls) -1 [for each
> > turn that's elapsed]. During a turn, the players may capture any of
> > the objective hexes which would turn them from a 0 (uncontrolled
> > value) to a +/-1 or a +/-2, and this would be recalculated at the
> > very end of each turn. Would this "formula" in the General Property
> > I would call Morale?
> You may to use Set Global Property trait to implement this.
> "Stiglr" wrote:
> > How do "triggers" figure into this? Is the capture of any one of the
> > hexes a "trigger"? Is the player command to total up this Morale
> > Value a "trigger"?  Can I assign this Morale Calculation into an
> > interface button?
> When you would apply a layer (via Ctrl-I, for example), the same key
> would be assigned to Set Global Property0.
> "Stiglr" wrote:
> > Second question: if I want to automate the calculation of this
> > Global Property, if the _values on the markers would double after a
> > certain game turn_, I suppose I would need to make use of Vassal's
> > Game Turn counter. Could a trigger be inserted into that Game Turn
> > feature/button to double the value of the markers in the calculation
> > after a specified game turn?  Or, would the players have to locate
> > all the captured hexes on the first game turn that the values were
> > doubled and manually change the levels on the markers to a different
> > point value? Obviously, it'd be better if this could be automated.
> This, or a Global Key Command. Or a Turn Marker (a piece) on board,
> moving which would adust the Turn value accordingly and trigger an
> event.
> "Stiglr" wrote:
> > Third question: Will I be able to set up a button to __Show/Hide all
> > Morale Markers__ (I plan to make the Markers be non-stackable,
> > non-moveable, the exact size of a map hex, and to show a light 20%
> > color tint for all three levels (red, blue and "haze" white), so
> > that they don't "dominate" the map, but can be seen at a glance. 
> > So, it'd be nice to have one button where I could toggle on all
> > markers to show the players the tactical situation at any time.

Again, Global Key Command to activate / de-activate layer. GKC would,
through the condition, apply the key to all the morale markers (they
would need to bear a trait / property that would enable GKC to tell them
from the others).

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