[messages] [Module Design] Set Global Property AFTER Key Command

neonpico matt at mattnet.org
Fri Jun 9 05:38:23 CEST 2017

I have pieces that:
A) Set one of their own 'Dynamic Properties'
B) Does a 'Report Action' to publicly state that the value was changed
for this particular piece
C) Then does a 'Set Global Property' so that a running total of this
dynamic property can be picked up elsewhere

The problem is that the 'Set Global Property' fires in such a way that
the previous value of the Dynamic Property is what is posted to the
Global Property, not the value after the user has entered a new value.

Dynamic Property starts at 2
User uses the right-click-menu (or issues keyboard shortcut) to enter a
new value, enters the value (say, "4"), and closes the dialog
The global value is incremented by 2
User enters a new value (this time say, 3)
The global value is incremented by 4

So how can I get the 'Set Global Property' to use the new value, rather
than the previous value?
Follow-up: Any suggestions on how to increment the global value by the
difference of the previous and the new value? (e.g. the change in value)

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