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neonpico matt at mattnet.org
Sat Jun 10 03:49:46 CEST 2017

That was the problem! Another one of those "The order of the traits
tripped me up!" issues...
Thank you much, sir.


For future reference, this trick was to perform a public economy
reporting. Thus everyone could see the running total of a player's total
income, total maintenance, total expenditures, etc... Each running total
went through the same process, repeated for each player. So to report 3
different items about a player, in a 4 player game, there would be 12
different processes (all largely the same).

Create a Global Property with a unique 'Name' you can remember and
'Initial Value' set to 0

The marker containing the trait to be counted would have the traits:
Basic Piece - (listed for context)
Set Global Property

  *  'Global Property Name' to the above GP 'Name'
  *  'Key Commands'

    *  'Menu Command' = blank
    *  'Key Command' = *The below DP Key Command*
    *  'Type' = _Increment Numeric Value_
    *  'Increment By' = _{GetProperty("_*The below DP Name*_")}_

Dynamic Property

  *  'Name' to the value referred in the SGP 'Increment By' field
  *  'Key Commands'

    *  'Menu Command' = What you want the right-click menu entry to
appear as
    *  'Key Command' = An actual key combo to trigger this command
    *  'Type' = _Prompt User_
    *  'Prompt' = Some prompt for the user

On some board, create a stack (I used an 'At-Start Stack') with only a
single piece. That piece has a 'Does Not Stack' trait and a 'Text Label'
trait. The only important field of the Text-Label is it's 'Text' field:
"Some Label: $GP Name$"

If this trick is important enough to get outside of this forum-thread, I
can create and post screenshots.

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