[messages] [Module Design] Set Global Property AFTER Key Command

neonpico matt at mattnet.org
Fri Jun 16 08:45:21 CEST 2017

Related problem, needs different solution:

Marker in a game piece pallette has these traits in order:
Basic Piece
SGP - 'Increment numeric value' by '{GetProperty("PS property")}' with
same key combo as PS
PS - Several properties, set to spinner, with key combo referred to in
SGP - same as previous SGP except increment value is inverted

There is a single global property that both SGPs refer to.

The "top" (closest to 'Basic Piece') SGP triggers when Prop Sheet is
opened. None trigger when Prop Sheet closes. Setting the property value
to a smaller number than any previous number has no effect: GP remains
at the high-water-mark through many open/close of the PS and different
assignments of the property.

This is supposed to decrement the GP by the value of the PS properties
when the PS opens, via the "bottom" SGP. Then the "top" SGP increments
the GP by the new value of the PS when it closes. This works as expected
when using (several) DPs.


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