[messages] [Module Design] Modules designed under 10mb. How?

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Jun 20 19:36:23 CEST 2017

Thus spake bhfredjenni:
> Thanks for the reply uckelman, I'm fairly new at this I've only did the
> one Module Star Trek: The Dice Game and have a few other Modules in
> working. I guess my question here is when I create my Module board in
> Gimp its size is usually 19mb and looks good in Vassal engine, but way

Our current upload limit is something like 75MB, IIRC. You shouldn't
bump into that just because of a 19MB map.

> to high for download Module. After I add everything else in the Module
> like cards, pieces etc. the mbs grow. rdmorrs reply helped the board go
> from 19mb to 788kb using indexed palette and yes it does effect the
> quality thats why I did not do the same with my cards. It seems the best
> way to keep your Module board low in kbs is just as the manual says scan
> the game board. Thats fine if your creating a Module of a game that
> already exists and have a good clear scan or a file of the game. But
> when it comes to creating your own board in a graphic program like Gimp
> or Photoshop its harder to do this and keep the kbs low. Of course I may
> be doing something wrong and thats why I brought this question to the
> Forum for help and advice. Most of my boards are 2400x1400 and right off
> the bat in Gimp I'm at 19mb before I even download it to vassal. I
> appreciate your help and reply,  but I'm just not sure how most
> designers here can come out with a complete game especially ones with
> lots of graphics on board and cards and many pieces all under 15-10mb.
> Thanks

Provide an example module where you're having this problem and I'll
take a look at it.


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