[messages] [Developers] How to customize "rake" functionality of cards

Myzur myzur83 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 00:47:04 CEST 2017

I just completed my first prototype using Vassal.  I am very impressed
with the functionality it provides.

I have a deck of cards implemented using the DrawPile and CardSlot
elements.  If I right-click one of the cards from one of the player hand
windows, it indicates "Rake  CTRL R".  It then pulls up a dialog to
select the destination (in my case, "Draw Deck" or "Discard").  I would
like to have the card automatically go to the "Discard" pile without the
dialog popping up.  I would also like to change the hotkey to something
other than Ctrl-R.

Is there a way to customize this behavior?  I have not been able to find
any documentation on "rake".  I copied the card functionality from
Modules:Scum_Cards.  This is an example CardSlot:

<VASSAL.build.widget.CardSlot entryName="10_of_spades" gpid="145"
height="0" width="0">+/null/return;Rake;82,130;Discard;Select
destination	obs;;fancy_back.png;;B;?;player:;Peek\	prototype;PlayingCard\\	piece;;;10_of_spades.png;10_of_spades/	null;\	\\	null;0;0;145</VASSAL.build.widget.CardSlot>

Could someone please explain what all of the options of this mean?

Thanks for the help!

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