[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Can't save log files error has recurred

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Fri May 5 00:58:00 CEST 2017

Thus spake Edrains via messages:
> 3.	I started Vassal.exe, which started normally.  I checked the heap
> size settings window under File/Preferences, and it says initial heap
> 512, maximum heap 1024 (the program starts with those values already
> set, I didn’t have to change them).

Is this what you see in the Importer tab under File > Preferences in
the Module Manager? The heap settings there are for importing modules
from other formats (like Aide de Camp 2), and have nothing to do with
the heap settings for opening paritcular modules.

> 4.	I started the Battle for Normandy module.  The same old Java Maximum
> Heap Size Too Large error message appears.  I click on yes to keep
> going.  A new prefs file appears at C/Documents and
> Settings/grains/AppData/Roaming/VASSAL/prefs, which says initial heap =
> 256, maximum heap = 512.

These are the defaults.

> 5.	Then the Battle for Normandy game map screen comes up.  I checked
> file/preferences from the pulldown menu, and it says the initial heap is
> set to 256, and the maximum to 512.  I changed these to 512/1024.  When
> I did this, the prefs file in the AppData folder also changed to
> 512/1024.
> 6.	Then I tried to quit the BfN module, and got a Vassal out of memory
> error message.  I had to use the Task Manager to force quit the module. 
> I left the Vassal engine running.
> 7.	The prefs file in the AppData folder still says 512/1024.
> 8.	I re-loaded the Battle for Normandy module, and get the same Java
> Maximum Heap Size Too Large error message.  I clicked yes to continue.  
> 9.	The prefs file in the AppData folder still says 512/1024.  I started
> a test log file, and made a few simple entries.  Then I tried to end the
> log file, and it won’t save, got the same out of memory error message.
>  At this point the preferences in all three places are all set to
> 512/1024 (vassal initial window preferences, BfN module preferences, and
> prefs file in AppData folder).  Can’t end the program normally, have
> to force quit.

What we need from you to sort this out is a copy of your errorLog after
you've had the "Maximum Heap Size Too Large" error but before you've
done anything else. Post that here.

The error log will be in C:\Documents and Settings\grains\AppData\Roaming\VASSAL.


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